How do you mix collagen powder without clumping?

How do you mix collagen powder without clumping?

The supplements are the best way to combat the collagen deficit that takes place with age. They are available in different forms, like powder, capsules, and tablets. In itself, collagen does not have any taste but often comes with a strong scent, especially in the powder form. But it is also the most versatile choice as you can prepare it your way and turn it into a tasty yet nutritious solution. Smoothies, hot beverages, or with plain water- you can have it anyway. However, the challenge is to prevent clumping. The powder does not always dissolve easily in the beverage, and you will find clumps at the bottom of the container. So, how do you mix collagen powder without clumping?

Collagen Mixing

With the right product and essential hacks, you can ensure your daily collagen drink is smooth and does not get choked by clumps. Check out the different tried-and-tested ways to prepare the collagen supplement according to your taste and avoid wastage due to clumping.

Different ways to include collagen in your diet

You can introduce collagen into your diet primarily through food items rich in collagen and supplements. Generally, with age, collagen supplements become essential as the body's natural production of collagen reduces. Moreover, finding the necessary dosage of collagen from food items alone can get tricky every day. This is where the supplements come in handy.

Generally, collagen powder should be taken in the recommended dosage once or twice a day, before a meal. It is rather heavy and a meal in itself, especially if you prepare a smoothie with other ingredients alongside the supplement.

Collagen powder clumping- Why does it happen?

Collagen powder clumping

When mixing a drink, a significant issue users face is powder clumping. It forms gooey chunks that either float or settle at the bottom in a soggy mass. It gets difficult to break and can choke you. Thus, a lot of the product gets wasted if it is clumped. This is because collagen is a sticky protein that holds the muscles and gives them shape naturally. When it comes in contact with any hot or cold liquid, the result is similar. However, a good-quality supplement from a reputed brand generally processes the ingredients so that this problem does not arise. Here are five reasons why the collagen powder will form clumps:

  • Inadequate mixing or not shaking the mixture thoroughly and quickly enough can cause clumps and resulting waste of the product.
  • Collagen powder is susceptible to absorbing moisture from the air. This is why it is crucial to store the supplement in an airtight bottle in a cool and dry place.
  • Often, exposure to heat can cause the collagen supplement to melt, and later, at normal temperature, it solidifies once more. This can also cause clumping when you try to prepare a smoothie or any other beverage with it.
  • Poor-quality collagen supplements often have additives and different impurities, aggravating its tendency to form clumps.
  • Certain manufacturers use anti-caking agents in the powder to prevent clumping. However, if the additives are not evenly spread, clumping can also occur.

How do you mix collagen powder without clumping?

Mix collagen powder without clumping

There are several ways to prevent clumping when whipping up a beverage with the collagen supplement. Here are a few tips that can reduce and also prevent clumping:

  • Use the hot liquid to make the beverage. Ensure that you add the powder to the container first and pour the hot liquid on it. This shakes up the powder and prevents clumping. This is why, tea, coffee, and chocolate drinks are great options to pair with collagen. You can also use hot water.
  • If you prefer a cold beverage, use a shaker bottle to mix the supplement. Shake the bottle well so that the ball or the mesh can uniformly break the clumps. Alternatively, you can also use a hand blender to break the clumps. It is also a good option if you are preparing a smoothie with the supplement.
  • Milk frothers can easily make a smooth collagen beverage in minutes, making it a convenient tool if you have collagen supplements daily.

Mixing collagen powder- the different approaches

Collagen powder can be mixed with hot beverages like tea, and coffee, as well as with cold beverages like juices. It can also be blended into a smoothie with different fruits and herbs and even milk. Here are different approaches to it:

Mixing collagen powder

Mixing as a hot beverage

It is easier to blend the powder without clumping in hot beverages. Here are a few ways in which collagen supplements can be mixed with hot liquids:

  • Blend the powder with hot water in a shaker. One scoop of the powder is enough for 8-12 oz. of water.
  • One scoop of collagen powder blended in one cup of coffee imparts some taste to the beverage. Moreover, the strong scent of collagen is somewhat subdued by the scent of coffee. This is particularly suitable for unflavoured collagen powder. Even chocolate and vanilla-flavoured collagen work great with coffee.
  • Collagen complements all types of tea. To prevent clumps, add a scoop of the supplement and mix vigorously.
  • Hot chocolate is a sagacious way to make collagen supplements tasty enough for you. Especially if you are using chocolate-flavored or unflavoured collagen, it will complement your chocolate beverage perfectly.
  • Collagen powder can be used along with bone broth. Add a scoop of the product to the soup and blend to prevent clumps.

Mixing as a cold beverage

Cold beverages are also suitable for collagen supplements; you can blend them with different drinks. From smoothies to cold milk, collagen powder can be added to anything. However, if the powder is not of good quality, blending it with cold beverages can be challenging. With blender and frothers, it gets somewhat more straightforward to make such beverages:

  • A smoothie is a versatile way to use collagen powder. Add a choice of fruits, herbs, and even vegetables to the blender, along with one scoop of collagen powder and milk. Blend for 30 seconds to a minute, and it will form a smooth-textured drink.
  • Cold milk and collagen powder make a great beverage. Blend them with a milk frother to get a smooth blend without lumps.
  • Collagen powder can be combined with different types of protein supplements, such as whey powder, unflavoured or flavored plant protein, and casein protein.

Wrapping up

Anyone new to collagen supplements often asks how to mix collagen powder without clumping. Collagen supplements, especially the powder, are a versatile option, as you can take them as a smoothie, with different beverages, and even with water. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips and techniques will help you get the most out of any collagen supplement of your choice.

At BioOptimal, we make collagen supplements from pasture-fed bovine. The collagen undergoes hydrolyzation, making it much easier for the body to absorb. The supplements are easily soluble in water and unflavoured so that you get the maximum benefit out of the product. Make a smoothie or blend in hot water—enjoy our collagen powder any way you want, sans any worry about clumping.

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