Certified USDA Organic Supplements

organic spirulina tabletsLooking for USDA Organic Supplements? If a supplement has USDA organic certification you can rest assured it does not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), was not produced using toxic pesticides, preservatives, nor has been irradiated.  The US Department of Agriculture has one of the highest standards in the world for organic certification.  The USDA only allows their Organic USDA seal to be used on products that contain 95-100% organic ingredients.  

In addition to certified USDA Organic products, organic products sold in the United States that contain a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients can market their products as “Made with Organic Ingredients”.

USDA Organic SupplementsTherefore, if buying organic is important to you make sure to look for products that contain the USDA organic seal or that are "Made with Organic Ingredients" and list a certifying agency. 

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