Non-GMO Supplements

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are living organisms that have been genetically altered in a laboratory through genetic engineering.  Many feel that this artificially manipulation of foods could be harmful to the environment and for human consumption. 

BioOptimal is committed to producing non-gmo supplements that use only non-gmo and organic ingredients.  Our USDA organic certification ensures that all of our ingredients are not genetically modified.

No Artificial Fillers

non-gmo supplements

Many supplements contain fillers that often are necessary in helping blend ingredients and ensure that ingredients will flow easily for encapsulation.  Unfortunately, many supplement companies us artificial fillers for this process.

BioOptimal Organic Spirulina Tablets contains ZERO fillers, so you never have to worry about any artificial ingredients in our supplements.

We encourage you to compare our ingredients to the competition.  Read the labels, quality assurances, check for USDA organic certifications, no fillers, non-gmo, and you'll quickly see that BioOptimal offers the best organic supplements on the market for the price.

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